Are You Tired of Hitting the Wall?
Learn what dealing with Acme Embedded Solutions, a company that has a "Perfect Vendor Rating" with Fortune 500 companies, means for your projects.

It means Acme has a flexible business model. No two customer agreements are the same. Everyone gets exactly what they need and want-nothing more.

Who we are...
"Acme is the domain
expert in adapting commercial electronics
for military/aerospace applications."
You will get the absolute exact specifications met for your application or project... on time and on budget. You will have CERTAINTY that your project will be successful.

Acme Embedded Solutions does business differently than other vendors. There are no "hidden costs" with Acme, no $900,000 "software surprises".

We take an active role in delivering the results you need, providing personal attention to make things happen. If something needs to be hand delivered, it is.We make sure what you need gets there. (And this does not mean we are too expensive. On the contrary, you will find that you receive exceptional value.)

What we do...
"Analysis, Design, and Implementation of packaging solutions for electronic modules, providing advice on new designs, or converting legacy designs."
Acme understands the requirements of military and aerospace applications. We work with the challenges of what's there, understanding the issues with your systems. Acme knows that you are building something that is complex, that needs to work in a variety of environments-that it effects lives and safety.

Your different departments have separate divisional requirements. Acme Embedded stays in communication, preventing mistakes from happening down the road. We understand what it will take to complete your project, in a balanced and thorough way. Acme Embedded Solutions will save you time, money and problems, and get it right the first time.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.