About Acme

 Acme Embedded Solutions is a design and integration specialist with expertise in complex deployable computing systems for airborne, ground vehicle, and naval applications. With a team of specialists in electromechanical, component engineering, hardware design, and real time software disciplines, Acme Embedded Solutions offers over a century of accumulated rugged systems design experience to aerospace integrators.

Acme Embedded Solutions is a team of specialists in the necessary disciplines for mission critical success.

“The developer of a complex radar, fire control, or weapons management system requires expertise in that application, not in the underlying hardware and low level operating software for the computing solution to implement that system.

The developer can better deploy their resources, and save time and money by outsourcing the implementation of the baseline processing system.

Acme Embedded Solutions is expert in the complexities of getting individual COTS modules to run reliably in the required environment, and well versed in the integration of diverse COTS modules at the operating systems level, and can remove time, cost and risk from the program.”

-A Fortune 500 client
Core competencies include:

  • Electromechanical packaging of fragile electronics for harsh environment applications.
  • Functional system design from performance analysis to partitioning.
  • Thermal design and modeling in air and conduction cooled environments.
  • Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) module integration, test, and qualification.
  • Hardware design and qualification for wide temperature range applications.
  •  Qualification test design and execution to MIL-STD’s.

Acme Embedded Solutions offers design and development services to the Military and Aerospace industry world wide.

Let Acme Embedded Solutions make COTS work for your rugged program.