Systems Integration

“What we need is a working computer, not a kit”
–Program Manager from a large Defense integrator

We could not agree more. As the complexity of software has increased, the skill set and experience necessary to quickly integrate diverse Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) modules has increased as well. In many cases, the skills to perform COTS module integration are not central to the task at hand, and distract from the overall systems effort

Acme Embedded Solutions vision is that embedded systems can most cost effectively be prototyped, integrated, and qualified using a variety of available manufacturers. On large programs where a single OEM provides all of the underlying module content, the OEM is best positioned to supply the system designer with completed turnkey systems. On quick turn prototype programs, or programs with limited production and deployment potential, Acme Embedded Solutions offers the System Integration service.

Leveraging our experience in COTS module design and integration, Acme Embedded Solutions delivers turnkey systems complete with sample programs, cabling, and optionally with qualification testing completed. Acme Embedded Solutions can also provide delivery with on site support and training, to speed porting of applications software.