What we do

Acme Embedded Solutions is a specialist in adapting, modifying and enabling the design of rugged electronics systems for harsh environment applications, at the circuit board and subsystem level:

For existing systems that require ruggedization, Acme Embedded Solutions retrofits circuit boards with an Appliqué kit to increase environmental tolerances. Extending Temperature Ranges can be performed with a variety of techniques.

Where a new design is required, Acme Embedded Solutions can offer experience in ensuring the design will meet requirements, including Conduction cooling. Beyond the point solution requirement, Acme Embedded Solutions can offer advice on circuit and system software Reuse for subsequent applications.

Transferring an existing design into a new application can demand form Form Factor Customization, requiring relayout of an existing design, and Qualification Testing of the new hardware.

Products and Services

Acme Embedded Solutions offer four distinct capabilities to the military and aerospace market.

Sourcing appropriate COTS modules from a universe of standard bus based modules, and modifying or adapting these for use in harsh environment applications such as armored vehicles and aircraft. Definition and partitioning of systems level requirements to individual module level. Acme Embedded Solutions provides turnkey integration services allowing the system integrator to concentrate on application software development rather than integration of COTS modules from multiple sources. Acme Embedded Solutions offers consulting and on site support services to assist customers who prefer to perform their own systems integration tasks. Most military systems have at least one specialized interface or Legacy I/O requirement that cannot be supported with COTS modules Acme Embedded Solutions offers design of custom I/O adapters for special purpose applications. Low Power Controller Module for Embedded Applications The BT-101A is a small form factor control module supporting popular I/O interfaces for embedded control applications. Based upon the well supported PowerPC architecture, the BT-101A offers very high levels of integration and I/O flexibility in a small, low power and cost effective package.