Custom I-O Development

Upgrades to existing platforms invariably call for interface to legacy devices such as proprietary sensors, data loggers, or existing vehicle communications systems. In many cases, standard I/O interface devices can be sourced from the available universe of PMC type modules, but for some, a proprietary design is required. Acme Embedded Solutions offers the capability to design and build custom I/O modules where required. Core capabilities include:

  • Top level I/O performance analysis and partitioning
  • Detailed hardware design for rugged solutions
  • Prototype development and delivery
  • Device drivers for VxWorks
  • Environmental qualification testing
  • Verification of conduction cooled thermal performance
  • Supply of production modules

Acme Embedded Solutions offers a standard platform for I/O module development that supports dual conduction cooled PMC sites as well as an on board PowerPC 405 processor for I/O management and control. For further information, download the Adler product preview online brochure.